Work of Dressing

Work of Dressing

Dressing of the chinchilla fur needs special care and knowledge. The whole process is handmade and there is no way for using machine work. The key for producing high quality furs is the endless care and accurate work of the employees.

Royal Blue - is a new concept in chinchilla dressing. The quality we dreamt about- a new product from Wanger Chinchilla Breeding System in Hungary. This concept is a result of a workshop established 15 years ago and specialized only for chinnchillas. The furs which dressed by the concept of Royal Blue trademark are extremely soft, light, unbelievably strong and they come in unified shape. The fur keeps its quality almost forever and the dry skin is extensible for double size. You don't need to worry that it will be broken at the stitches or it will be threadbase with time. The pure, bright white bellied furs don't get dull or yellowish with years go by. Sunlight doesn't harm them. This why the concept "Royal Blue" is so unique and respected all over the world -accepted as the best. It is used by the most demanding fur dristributors.

We are the first to use rules of Loyd's Register ISO9002 qualifying system in chinchilla breeding and dressing the fur - first in the world.

The six most important keypoints that you can find uniquely here:

  • Standardized skinning and collecting, standardized dressing. Usage of the most excellent raw materials and chemicals.
  • Since we dress only chinchilla fur, all of our equippments had been undertaken to this process.
  • Methods what had been worked out experimentally for years are those which ensure the unique quality.
  • Control and quality assurance of all skins individually.
  • Classifying and qualifying the furs with three times of controlling on the controlling table.
  • Dying the furs even in small quantities, in any colours, with short deadlines.