Chinchilla fur: a legend of elegance and luxury

Its lightness, softness and silkiness make it possible to make very special garments. Rarity made it one of the most expensive furs in the world for its beauty and value in use, which is why it was named soft gold.

Furs made with our "Royal Blue" branded finishing process are extremely soft, lightweight, yet incredibly strong and appear in a uniform shape. It maintains the quality of the skin almost indefinitely, and can be up to twice the size and can be stretched dry. There is no need to worry about it tearing at the seam or being torn apart later. Pure dazzling white belly furs not become rusty, or yellow even after many years of use. Sunlight does no harm to them. Therefore, the Royal Blue finishing process is unique in the world, recognized everywhere and considered the best. The most demanding fur users use this.

Classification of furs

The classification of the furs is always made by the same method what is well known by our customers so it secures them at further orders. In order to avoid mistakes each fur brought to the classification table three times. We only use lighting that is accepted at auction houses.

We asset the furs with reference to the next keypoints:

- Size      - Colour      -  Quality      -    Clarity



The lenght measured from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail (breech).

size 0 = 39 cm and above      size 1 = 36 - 39 cm      size 2 =   33- 36 cm



We have three color tone classes and mutations:

Standard:     XXD      XD           D

Mutations: Black velvet, beige, white 



We have 8 quality classes:

  1. Select: high quality, extremely thick fur, without any damages. (clear 1-2)
  2. First + normal: (clear1-2-3). Wery good quality, thick fur - without any damages
  3. First normal: (clear1-2-3).Good quality or smaller inmature spots, uneven areas, without any damages.
  4. Slight demaged first +: (clear1-2) Wery good quality, thick fur , with  little damage
  5. Slight demaged first: (clear1-2) Good quality or smaller inmature spots, uneven areas, with  little damage.
  6. A class: medium quality, one smaller damage or slight miscolouring allowed. Inmature spots or smaller uneven parts.
  7. B class: lower quality, two smaller damages or one bigger damage. Miscolouring is allowed.
  8. Low grade: This fur can be used only in pieces or dying.


We have 4 color clarity classes:

 C1 = Bluis white     C2 = natural clear   C3 = Yellowy redis    C4 = Yellow – red

Colored furs

If you want to order dyed furs, you can order them in three sizes (0-1-2) and five quality classes (select, first +, first, A class B class).

Whether you choose from our color catalog or based on the color sample you envision, we will make it in the required quality, with a fast deadline.