Royal Blue is a new concept in chinchilla finishing. The dream quality, the product of Wanger Hungarian Fur. The extremely soft, lightweight, as well as, incredibly strong fur is so flexible that it can be even streched to double without any damage. Therefore, you don't have to worry about your fur being torn off while sewing or use.

On the top of it, the Royal Blue system fur does not turn yellow after years of use and it is UV resistant,too.

Even after painting and bleaching the fur retains its outstanding quality.

Our finishing procedure is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Loyd's Register ISO 9002 quality assurance system and is under strict environmental considerations.

Dressing - chinchilla

  1. We provide a full guarantee of the skin quality.
  2. We use only environmentally friendly chemicals, so our fur does not contain harmful substances (eg. formaldehyde).
  3. A very thorough sorting system for uniform quality fur in small and coat batches.
  4. There is always stock available to serve your needs.
  5. Professional shipping to any part of the world including appropriate documentation. Korea, USA, Canada, Russia …… (certificate, CITES, EU origin ..)
  6. Advice on the use, sewing, tailoring and cleaning of fur.
  7. Finishing - chinchilla are already available in small batches, too.
  8. Home design - making pillows and blankets in custom sizes and colours.

With the Rolyal Blue finishing process, chinchilla fur aquires a wonderful quality.

Dyeing, bleaching, finishing

The Wanger Hungarian Fur  fur dyeing plant has unique technologies. We are at the disposal of our customers with more than 200 types of ready-made color combinations, but of course we also undertake individual orders based on color samples.

The Pantone color guide helps you design new colors, and we also keep an eye on current color ideas in the fashion industry. We use the best quality, most special dyes to paint chinchilla fur so that we can serve our customers with the most extreme colors. When applying pastel colors and bleaching, the skin side remains elastic, as well.

The minimum dyeing quantity is 20 furs, and the upper limit is determined by the customer's requirements.

We are also available to customers with special colors that we can probably only produce. (snow white)