Buying our products

Buying our products

If you are interested in our furs we can send you an offer about our actual stocking list. If you would like to visit us by plane, we will wait you at Budapest - Airport Ferihegy II. After landing you can reach Komarom on the highway within one hour. We will book you a hotel reservation here. After looking at the stock and selecting the furs we will get ready all the custom works and give you all necessary documents. We travel you back to the Airport. If you have enough time we will gladly show you around in our Capital, Budapest.

If you arrive by car we will send you a map how to find us. Komarom is right next to the highway between Wien and Budapest so it is very easy to get here. Of course you can buy furs via our agencies all over the world.

Normally the skins assorted to units of 50 pieces but our costumers can have their special requests - we try to fit to them. We use special packaging ensuring that our furs will be secure from any damages or stealing. All the shippments are insured by our insurance company, Generally Providencia what has partner companies all over the world.

In Hungary the fees of shipping and insurance are very reliable thet's why we pay them here and later bill to you.

If you would like to buy dyed furs we are able to colour them in short time - even small amounts. The colouring of those furs you purchased from our company is free.

You can meet us at all bigger fur trading fairs and shows.

I hope you like our offer and you will choose the best dressing system on the world - „Royal Blue"! You won't be dissapointed!